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Annoyed with annie
So shes been buullying little kids that are younger than her. Seeing lots of her comments "what has emily done, what has she done to you all that." Dude she says im not smart but she never went to college like i did ☺️ The smart ones go to school shes never been to college. She calls me the stupid one everyday like dude grow up youre 18 years old. If you know how to grow up stop talking about others. :) right now shes just being one those people that ants all the attention. 
What do you guys say about her?
she also beats kids up online like she beat up braibraixsonic up for protecting me by beating her up online and also being racist that shes black just like sonicfangirl-96 🙄 What is wrong with people and racism   Dude this girl can go to jail since shes in the states i can call the police about her. 
Dont we all love people that all they is RANT and cant leave the past?
Worst part her art is really crappy. She says mine is a total shit but hers l
:icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 3 45
Eevee evilutions by TacogirlX3 Eevee evilutions :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 48 16 Drawing~ by ZuriTheCreepySadness Drawing~ :iconzurithecreepysadness:ZuriTheCreepySadness 11 21
Sonic and the freedom fighters: Chapter 1
It was a beautiful day in North Mobius. Birds singing, kids playing, the sky was perfectly blue like it was a painting, and the grass is so green that it looked like a bowl of mint ice cream.
A 2-tailed fox was hanging out with one of his best brothers in the world, his name was Sonic the Hedgehog, and they have been friends since he was just a little kitzune. They both like the same things but the little kitzune can fly and Sonic has speed. That is what this little fox likes are to go on adventures with Sonic. But they soon joined the freedom fighters that is fighting for freedom from this bad guy named Eggman. He was the nasty person that everyone hates and want to defeat him.
Sonic stretched from where he was sitting and watched the clouds flow by with Tails lying beside him but reading his book since it’s a beautiful day out there is nothing to worry because there is nothing happening and everyone is just relaxing and doing their own things that they have been wanting to do u
:icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 9 5
Sonic boom season 2 by TacogirlX3 Sonic boom season 2 :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 34 16 Art Trade:for Sonicluvzchilidogs by Tiggyyau26 Art Trade:for Sonicluvzchilidogs :icontiggyyau26:Tiggyyau26 35 11 X by PYR0CYNICAL X :iconpyr0cynical:PYR0CYNICAL 4 0 Sonic and tails by TacogirlX3 Sonic and tails :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 77 16 Children's Play Issue1 pg6 by LiyuConberma Children's Play Issue1 pg6 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 686 161 Here's my face reveal by TacogirlX3 Here's my face reveal :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 25 44 Sonic boom: sonic by TacogirlX3 Sonic boom: sonic :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 50 14 Sonic as link by TacogirlX3 Sonic as link :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 42 11 Being lazy by TacogirlX3 Being lazy :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 61 11 the jam man is happy by Mialindlen-son the jam man is happy :iconmialindlen-son:Mialindlen-son 5 9 Shizune's curse by Sonicxcasey4ever Shizune's curse :iconsonicxcasey4ever:Sonicxcasey4ever 9 316 25 years freedom fighters cover by TacogirlX3 25 years freedom fighters cover :icontacogirlx3:TacogirlX3 28 7



NayuSiminova has no life she never went to college and she calls emily stupid but emily went to college but annie hasnt gone anywhere else but to stay home her whole life 



United States
best friends from roblox!
:icontacogirlx3: :iconsonicxcasey4ever:


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